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SAEER, West Bank (AP) A Palestinian man who died under disputed circumstances in Israeli custody was given a hero’s funeral Monday, as thousands thronged his gravesite and Palestinian police fired a 21 gun salute.

Palestinian officials, citing an autopsy, said Arafat Jaradat was tortured during Israeli interrogation.  Israeli officials said more tests are needed to determine the cause of death, and Israel’s public security minister said he would allow an international expert to review the autopsy results.

The weekend death of the 30 year old gas station attendant and father of two comes amid rising West Bank tensions that have prompted talk in Israel about the possibility of a new Palestinian uprising. cialis au envoy Robert Serry warned that “mounting tensions present a real risk of destabilization.”

In recent days, there have been frequent Palestinian protests in support of some 4,600 Palestinians held by Israel, particularly four inmates who’ve staged extended hunger strikes.

In a clash Monday, a Palestinian doctor said a 13 year old youth was seriously wounded by live fire. cialisau The Israeli military said it generally uses non lethal means to disperse protests, such as tear gas, stun grenades and water cannon.

The fate of the prisoners is sensitive in Palestinian society, where virtually every family has had a member imprisoned by Israel. Detainees are held on a range of charges, from stone throwing to deadly attacks, and are seen as heroes resisting occupation. Israelis tend to view them as terrorists.

Palestinian and Israeli officials traded accusations Monday, each saying the other was trying to exploit the latest unrest for political gains.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel is trying to provoke the Palestinians with what he said are increasingly lethal methods by Israeli security forces clamping down on Palestinian protests.

“However they try to drag us to that place, we won’t be dragged,” said Abbas. “We won’t be dragged, but they (Israelis) have to bear the responsibility.”

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Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev alleged that Abbas’ self rule government in the West Bank is inciting violence against Israel. Palestinian officials have called for more solidarity rallies for the prisoners.

Abbas, a critic of violence, has said he would not allow an armed uprising on his watch.

But tensions have been rising in recent days with a number of protests in solidarity with prisoners held by Israel, and then the death of Jaradat over the weekend.

At Monday’s funeral, thousands marched behind Jaradat’s body, draped in a Palestinian flag, as the procession snaked through his home town of Saeer, near the West Bank city of Hebron.

Palestinian police maintained order, and seven officers fired a 21 gun salute near the gravesite.

Abbas Zaki, a senior member of Abbas’ Fatah movement, called Jaradat’s death an Israeli crime.

“I am telling Fatah members that our enemy only understands the language of force,” he told the crowd in what appeared to be a call to violence.

Jaradat was arrested on Feb. 18 on suspicion that he had thrown stones at Israelis. He died Saturday at Israel’s Megiddo prison after several days of interrogation by the Shin Bet security service.

National Press Club
National Press Club

The Palestinian minister of prisoner affairs, Issa Karake, said after being briefed by the Palestinian doctor that Jaradat was tortured. He said Jaradat was bruised over his body and suffered two broken ribs.

Jaradat’s brother, Mohammed, said he saw the body Sunday and believed his brother was severely beaten.

Israel’s Health Ministry said the autopsy did not conclusively determine the cause of death, but that the bruising and broken ribs were likely the result of attempts to revive the detainee. It said more testing was needed.

Amos Gilad, an Israeli defense official, alleged that Palestinian officials were jumping to conclusions. cialisau “It’s intended to incite,” Gilad told Israel Army Radio on Monday. “There is a clear political purpose to stir things up.”

The Shin Bet initially said Jaradat apparently died of a heart attack, though the Palestinian physician attending the autopsy was quoted as saying he did not find any evidence of that.

An agency official has denied Jaradat was beaten.

Detainees have filed some 700 complaints about mistreatment by Shin Bet agents in the past decade, cialis au according to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

Reports of physical mistreatment have dropped sharply in recent years but have not disappeared, said B’Tselem spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli.

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Mayor Rusch says good When Thompson decided against another term, he called Rusch and told him he had to run. Then he called all of his friends and asked them to talk to Rusch too.”It’s because of him that I’m sitting here today,” Rusch said.At their urging, Rusch ran in 2010 and again in 2012.Rusch was proud to be able to say he continued Thompson’s legacy of focusing on streets, sidewalk, water and sewer.”Ed had it right.Cialis Australia Paypal You’ve got to invest in your infrastructure,” Rusch said.Rusch is most proud of helping to bring the city administrator position to Tomah.When he first became mayor,Cialis Australia Price there was no city administrator position and Tomah mayor was a full time job.”I ended up spending 50 to 60 hours a week down here, because, you know, you were actually in charge of everything,” Rusch said.With the Tomah City Council’s blessing, Rusch formed a committee to investigate the position.”That was probably the best thing we ever did,” Rusch said.Rusch learned a lot about the city while serving as mayor.”There are a lot of things you’d like to do, but the funds just aren’t there,” Rusch said.For example, the recreation center that topped the Imagine Tomah survey last year will be expensive to bring to Tomah.”It’s not going to be an easy thing to do,” Rusch said.Rusch was surprised to learn reasons new businesses came to Tomah. For example, he was in office when Cardinal Glass opened up its first factory in the city.The company was looking for a place to manufacture glass along the interstate, and the owner had picked out four possible locations when he hired the manager for the factory.

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Mayor says city must not bog down deal with DNR over bike trails Logano takes Kansas, secures third round entryTravis Sauter holds off Fredrickson, wins Oktoberfest 200Fairgrounds Speedway Results Sunday, Oct. 5Central’s doubles team rides hot streak into tennis postseasonUW La Crosse football notebookPumpkin decorating involves more than a carving knifeCinderella’s fairy godmother may have used a magic wand, but anyone can transform a pumpkin into a magical sight with the right supplies and aWhere to get the best tea blends?Cialis Australia Review Your garden, of courseNurse’s Notes: Growing research shows gardens are good for healthDesign Recipes: For new singles, how to reinvent your life and your decorEmployee gardens cultivate thrift, healthy eatingKitchen whimsy: Latest housewares items cooking up funThe La Crosse River Marsh transfer to state control will continue no matter what the Department of Natural Resources decides about allowing more recreation use on protected bluff land nearby,Cialis Brisbane Mayor Tim Kabat said Friday.Kabat met with several staff members Friday about a proposal to swap marsh land in exchange for the DNR removing city held bluff acres from a state stewardship program that prohibits biking.The new mayor again stressed, as he did during his campaign, his desire to see La Crosse become a “Mecca” for biking and other outdoor activities.But Kabat said Friday he considers completing the marsh transfer a priority that should not hinge on what happens with the bluff land.He noted a 1997 land use plan that called for ceding much of the roughly 1,000 acre marsh to the DNR, as well as a 2001 city council resolution to prepare descriptions and maps for the transfer, which the council reaffirmed a year ago.”I believe strongly the city needs to live up to its agreements,” said Kabat, completing only his second week as mayor.That’s not to say Kabat doesn’t want to sit down with the DNR about possible solutions to permit limited biking activity on the bluffs.

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Cialis Generic

He also directed staff to make sure the DNR has documents needed to confirm the city has taken ownership of the more than 900 acres acquired by the Mississippi Valley Conservancy under the Bluffland Protection Program.DNR officials had said earlier this week they could not discuss any proposed changes until all documents had been filed showing the bluff tracts in city hands.The city and MVC partnered on the Bluffland Protection Program for a decade before their contract ended last year amid questions over how money had been used.Cialis Chemist Warehouse A six month audit faulted MVC accounting methods but found DNR funds had been spent as intended.In the wake of that dispute, Kabat said he knows some “relationship building” will be needed with MVC, which still holds conservation easements on the properties.”We have one of the best places in the world to mountain bike,” Kabat said, “and we want to continue to work with all the parties on that.”A March 27 letter from Public Works Director Dale Hexom to the DNR suggested an “acre for acre exchange” of marsh land into the Knowles Nelson Stewardship program to replace bluff land that would be used for trail corridors.The city and the former Human Powered Trails group, now the Outdoor Recreation Alliance,Cialis Dosage had established trails on several bluff tracts before learning from the DNR in 2010 that biking was not allowed on stewardship lands.But supporters of the marsh transfer this week criticized the proposal as yet another delay tactic by the city after more than a decade of dragging its feet.”Demonstrating again why the city has such a reputation of being unreliable,” said Chuck Lee of the La Crosse River Marsh Coalition.Lee said he is not opposed to the recreational use on the bluff land, but it should not be linked to the marsh transfer.”I think the marsh deserves protection on its merits with no string attached,” he said.An MVC founder and current board member, Lee also said he wants more details “chapter and verse” on what the ORA and city parks department have in mind before he’d favor altering conservation easements on the bluff properties.

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